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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Full Moon

I hope you enjoy my corresponding post headings it takes me literally seconds of exasperating hard work to think them up, just for you, my adoring four fans. Before I begin on my next new book I'd like to lecture any reading to follow me on this blog or even post or email me just so I know people are reading. By a show of viewers and followers I immediately presume I'm wasting my time, but writing calms me and there is no mistaking my genius. So please; post, follow, email and give me book titles! I have decided this blog will be pure book reviews and summaries so I will review and summarise any of my genre (teen fiction) books that are suggested to me.

That little rant aside the title is appropriate for a few uninteresting reasons:
. Changeling has finished representing the death of my favourite werewolf book.
. The second reason is that I have found a new (but co incidentally old) book that I should have read years ago with more links to my furry, ferocious favourites.
. Lastly I am crazy about wolves. Any books or novels about wolves or lycanthropy interest me and are un-put-down-able.

The book I am referring to is 'Lord Loss' by Darren Shan. I'm hoping I have readers right now smiling to them selves at the fact that they have read this book which by the way is not for the faint hearted. Grubbs 'don't like to be called Grubitsch' Grady is not your usual teen. Being brought up on a skillful game of logic Grubbs is an accomplished chess player. But this title is nothing in comparison to his mother, father and sister who beat him regularly. The Grady family seem to thrive on the game, that is of course except for Grubbs who hates the game. Long does he know that his future is filled with death, sorrow, pain and misery.

Unfortunately these are 4 things the demon master Lord Loss feeds on. Him and his wicked minions are all that is wrong with a world that Grubbs is finding increasingly vicious and mentally crippling. How will he fair against this horrific demon and his cohorts and the mysterious Garadex curse. Will he win a game of skill against this demonic killer and save his new found relative before he succumbs to the Garadex curse? All questions answered if u read it or ask me via email :-) no accidental spoilers!

Another great book and Darren Shan is an accomplished writer who's books have been made into films such as the vampires assistant. The story line begins on a depressing note as you will find out upon reading and is filled with gore and mystery.

The other books in this series alternates between 2 characters  through every other book. The series is known as 'The Demonata'. I will read the next 1 soon and also write about the second to fourth Pendragon books which I have been meaning to post. Il have to read up on the rest of my sequels and post about them as they come. And remember post, email or follow me I want to feel appreciated for my writing :P lol post you soon. I an currently reading 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins so tune in for that soon.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Alas the end of the wolf...

I have now read the FINAL Changeling book *sigh*, what a shame to bid it good bye. The last in this awsome action packed series leaves Trey Laporte at the clutches of an unexpected old friend (no spoilers Hehe) and Lucian, Tom and Alexa fighting for their lives against Caliban's zombie apocalypse. I truly hope I have not given too much away and won't tell u any more for those of the true fans of this book. Your welcome! I must commemorate Mr.Feasey on his best Changeling book!!! Shame you're not writing any more which is heart wrenching for me and many others. (Not to give anything away but nothing will ever be the same again in the Changeling world!) Not to completely contradict my previous commemorative comment but I HATED the ending. Throughout the story I was unable to put the book down and hastily finished it in a day (because I'm amazing) but the ending sent me reeling. Only the fact that I know the series has ended has prevented me from tearing my head off with anticipation for the next book. But as I said the series has ended and after a huge climax the gang went out with their feet up sipping tea...pretty disappointing. Although the end was a little too cozy for my liking the sudden twists and climaxes left me drooling for more. One of my number 1 books and disappointment overwhelms me to say farewell to the brilliant book. after

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Back to business!

Hey, thank you to my 4 followers but sorry for the massive delay. Iv been a busy bee but back to business! Met Derek Landy in September. Always great to meet your favourite author. I wanted to take a moment to talk about a new book iv been reading. And by moment I mean pretty much this entire post. Since you liked my post on Changeling so much I thought my next post should be a summary of yet another great book. The series I'm talking about is Pendragon by D.J MacHale.

Pendragon is a great book especially if your a fan of Skulduggery Pleasant or Changeling (please comment if you have read any of the 3). Pendragon is the sur-name of our main character, Bobby. An average teenager with an average life that gets flipped into a world of turmoil. With his strange and mysterious Uncle Press captured, Bobby embarks on the first of his dangerous adventures to discover why his family is missing and what his role is as a 'traveler'.

The story begins with Bobby sharing a kiss with his big time crush Courtney Chetwynde. This revelation is quickly interupted by his uncle. All Bobby's life he had been taken on all kinds of crazy and exciting adventures with his Uncle. Long did he know it was all training for the road that lay ahead. A trip to a derelict subway station reveals a deadly enemy and a portal to unknown places and untold danger. The first of these places is Denduron, a medieval 'territory', as Bobby's uncle calls it, inhabited by 2 rival tribes. Confused, frightened and having left behind his best friends Mark Diamond and Courtney Chetwynde, Bobby doesn't have a clue to why he is here or what he must do to prevent this place from crashing into devastating the darkness that may cause a domino effect to the destruction of the universe.

The story takes place through Bobby's journals in which he is instructed to write his adventures and send them back to his friend Mark, of whom he trusts greatly.  No one is to find out where Bobby is and so Mark must team up with Courtney to protect the journals. With these two storylines playing out the riveting, pulse raising action never stops.

Another great this about this series is that the 10 books are already out and there is no wait for the next one! Each book takes place on a different territory and develop Bobby's story, meeting new people and being put to the test. I would 100% recommend this book! I have read 4 of the books so far and am looking forward to the next.

Make sure you comment on my post guys. My apologies for any mis-spellings or errors as this whole post was written on my phone app!
:) thanks guys hope you like my latest post and I promise to post more often.

Thursday, 14 July 2011


I know I last said that I would be posting my amatuer book 'thingy' but i have been a busy bee! And If I have not mentioned this before Skulduggery Pleasant is not the only Mythical Fiction book I LOVE! The Changeling series by Steve Feasey is one of my favourites and is about a boy named Trey who has a dark secret; (He's a kick ass werewolf!!!) and like all books the story and characters progress in a usual book-like manor.

I was reading up on the next installment to the book when i spotted a synopsis of the story on Waterstones web site. Having completely forgotten about the series and not checked when the next book would be in ages I was shocked to find out that the newest book, Zombie Dawn, is out and available for purchase. I continued reading to see the phrase '...last instalment in the chilling CHANGELING series.....' which freaked me out! I know it sounds strange but at my age books like these are hard to come by and for a great one to end is, well quite frankly, ultimatley dissapointing. I implore Steve Feasey, if reading which i very much doubt, to write another sequal! And all those reading and feeling as shocked and dissaproving as me to ask him the same favour! Sorry Steve but no retiring yet your readers need more werewolf action!

Something that scares me even more, dare I say it, is the Skulduggery Pleasant series ending AND the movie being cra... (I ticked the no rude stuff box for my blog and some consider that word rude... damn hippies!) not very good. Wish I could talk to Derek Landy, hes awsome!

P.S. I am not crazy despite the fact that by posting here I am practically talking to myself! Thanks!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Latest Comment :)

Hi there its me, Infamous (of course as no one else gives a damn about my blog :/)I will be, Allthough I doubt il get any reads, be posting some of my book-in-progress this weekend so any comments or improvements you think may be worth while, comment. It is not a copy of Derek Landy's Skulduggery Pleasant and his Necromancer characters. I did, admittedly, base the Necromancers on his and I am changing details and including none of his characters in my story line. Necromancy is a medievil practice which includes speaking with the dead and various other strange practices. I will not be basing my story on this as it gives me the creeps. I much prefer the exiled, shadow minipulators featured in Landy's epic stories. All the respect in the world Derek. For some reason the darkness of my stories draws me in and I am enjoying writing it ALOT! Please check it out.

Osama Bin Ladin is reportedly but im not sure what to believe. There have been so many conspiricy theories that it has all kind of become a big bubble of people believing everything they hear. I even heard from The Sun newspaper that he used his wife as a human shield! Wow! If that is true then I despise him even more than before, be that possible. I still do not know what to believe so if you have any comments please jump right in and post it. Remember that this is a very sensitive subject and if I have offended anyone please state it in your comments, My apolegies.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

To most people the 35 odd views I have recieved is pretty mediocre but I find it quite an accomplishment. I may just be typing away at this keyboard pretty much talking to myself until someone starts something up but ah well. If your reading this now however then it changes EVERYTHING and you MUST MUST MUST comment on this blog just for the sake of being on it. So thank you and Please comment :P

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Any comments?

I know this is only a new blog, and yes your probably thinking 'here we go another lame blog with nothing on it' but write a comment and the conversation will flow. I have currently had 7 views which seems rubbish but it has surpassed my expectations so hopefully someone will start something up and we can discuss.

Thank you and please comment soon :)