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Thursday, 12 May 2011

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Hi there its me, Infamous (of course as no one else gives a damn about my blog :/)I will be, Allthough I doubt il get any reads, be posting some of my book-in-progress this weekend so any comments or improvements you think may be worth while, comment. It is not a copy of Derek Landy's Skulduggery Pleasant and his Necromancer characters. I did, admittedly, base the Necromancers on his and I am changing details and including none of his characters in my story line. Necromancy is a medievil practice which includes speaking with the dead and various other strange practices. I will not be basing my story on this as it gives me the creeps. I much prefer the exiled, shadow minipulators featured in Landy's epic stories. All the respect in the world Derek. For some reason the darkness of my stories draws me in and I am enjoying writing it ALOT! Please check it out.

Osama Bin Ladin is reportedly but im not sure what to believe. There have been so many conspiricy theories that it has all kind of become a big bubble of people believing everything they hear. I even heard from The Sun newspaper that he used his wife as a human shield! Wow! If that is true then I despise him even more than before, be that possible. I still do not know what to believe so if you have any comments please jump right in and post it. Remember that this is a very sensitive subject and if I have offended anyone please state it in your comments, My apolegies.


  1. Infamous. I would LOVE to read some of your writings. To get more views, keep doing what you did with me. Remind others of your blog and post the lik. It's crazy, but yo uwill have to do this many times with the same people who come here cause we all get so distracted with other things. That's what happens with me anyways. I have to remind everyone to come to my blogs! :P

    As far as the creep you were talking about...yes! The idiot was a coward and used his youngest wife as a shield.

  2. Thank you, not only for your post, but for the advice. Check in on my blog to read that story. Bin Ladin is dead at last but I must give credit where due for the 10 years he has been on the run. Well done to the men who killed him, allthough earning 23 million dollars is all the thanks he will want.