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Thursday, 14 July 2011


I know I last said that I would be posting my amatuer book 'thingy' but i have been a busy bee! And If I have not mentioned this before Skulduggery Pleasant is not the only Mythical Fiction book I LOVE! The Changeling series by Steve Feasey is one of my favourites and is about a boy named Trey who has a dark secret; (He's a kick ass werewolf!!!) and like all books the story and characters progress in a usual book-like manor.

I was reading up on the next installment to the book when i spotted a synopsis of the story on Waterstones web site. Having completely forgotten about the series and not checked when the next book would be in ages I was shocked to find out that the newest book, Zombie Dawn, is out and available for purchase. I continued reading to see the phrase '...last instalment in the chilling CHANGELING series.....' which freaked me out! I know it sounds strange but at my age books like these are hard to come by and for a great one to end is, well quite frankly, ultimatley dissapointing. I implore Steve Feasey, if reading which i very much doubt, to write another sequal! And all those reading and feeling as shocked and dissaproving as me to ask him the same favour! Sorry Steve but no retiring yet your readers need more werewolf action!

Something that scares me even more, dare I say it, is the Skulduggery Pleasant series ending AND the movie being cra... (I ticked the no rude stuff box for my blog and some consider that word rude... damn hippies!) not very good. Wish I could talk to Derek Landy, hes awsome!

P.S. I am not crazy despite the fact that by posting here I am practically talking to myself! Thanks!

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