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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Full Moon

I hope you enjoy my corresponding post headings it takes me literally seconds of exasperating hard work to think them up, just for you, my adoring four fans. Before I begin on my next new book I'd like to lecture any reading to follow me on this blog or even post or email me just so I know people are reading. By a show of viewers and followers I immediately presume I'm wasting my time, but writing calms me and there is no mistaking my genius. So please; post, follow, email and give me book titles! I have decided this blog will be pure book reviews and summaries so I will review and summarise any of my genre (teen fiction) books that are suggested to me.

That little rant aside the title is appropriate for a few uninteresting reasons:
. Changeling has finished representing the death of my favourite werewolf book.
. The second reason is that I have found a new (but co incidentally old) book that I should have read years ago with more links to my furry, ferocious favourites.
. Lastly I am crazy about wolves. Any books or novels about wolves or lycanthropy interest me and are un-put-down-able.

The book I am referring to is 'Lord Loss' by Darren Shan. I'm hoping I have readers right now smiling to them selves at the fact that they have read this book which by the way is not for the faint hearted. Grubbs 'don't like to be called Grubitsch' Grady is not your usual teen. Being brought up on a skillful game of logic Grubbs is an accomplished chess player. But this title is nothing in comparison to his mother, father and sister who beat him regularly. The Grady family seem to thrive on the game, that is of course except for Grubbs who hates the game. Long does he know that his future is filled with death, sorrow, pain and misery.

Unfortunately these are 4 things the demon master Lord Loss feeds on. Him and his wicked minions are all that is wrong with a world that Grubbs is finding increasingly vicious and mentally crippling. How will he fair against this horrific demon and his cohorts and the mysterious Garadex curse. Will he win a game of skill against this demonic killer and save his new found relative before he succumbs to the Garadex curse? All questions answered if u read it or ask me via email :-) no accidental spoilers!

Another great book and Darren Shan is an accomplished writer who's books have been made into films such as the vampires assistant. The story line begins on a depressing note as you will find out upon reading and is filled with gore and mystery.

The other books in this series alternates between 2 characters  through every other book. The series is known as 'The Demonata'. I will read the next 1 soon and also write about the second to fourth Pendragon books which I have been meaning to post. Il have to read up on the rest of my sequels and post about them as they come. And remember post, email or follow me I want to feel appreciated for my writing :P lol post you soon. I an currently reading 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins so tune in for that soon.

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