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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Alas the end of the wolf...

I have now read the FINAL Changeling book *sigh*, what a shame to bid it good bye. The last in this awsome action packed series leaves Trey Laporte at the clutches of an unexpected old friend (no spoilers Hehe) and Lucian, Tom and Alexa fighting for their lives against Caliban's zombie apocalypse. I truly hope I have not given too much away and won't tell u any more for those of the true fans of this book. Your welcome! I must commemorate Mr.Feasey on his best Changeling book!!! Shame you're not writing any more which is heart wrenching for me and many others. (Not to give anything away but nothing will ever be the same again in the Changeling world!) Not to completely contradict my previous commemorative comment but I HATED the ending. Throughout the story I was unable to put the book down and hastily finished it in a day (because I'm amazing) but the ending sent me reeling. Only the fact that I know the series has ended has prevented me from tearing my head off with anticipation for the next book. But as I said the series has ended and after a huge climax the gang went out with their feet up sipping tea...pretty disappointing. Although the end was a little too cozy for my liking the sudden twists and climaxes left me drooling for more. One of my number 1 books and disappointment overwhelms me to say farewell to the brilliant book. after

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