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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Back to business!

Hey, thank you to my 4 followers but sorry for the massive delay. Iv been a busy bee but back to business! Met Derek Landy in September. Always great to meet your favourite author. I wanted to take a moment to talk about a new book iv been reading. And by moment I mean pretty much this entire post. Since you liked my post on Changeling so much I thought my next post should be a summary of yet another great book. The series I'm talking about is Pendragon by D.J MacHale.

Pendragon is a great book especially if your a fan of Skulduggery Pleasant or Changeling (please comment if you have read any of the 3). Pendragon is the sur-name of our main character, Bobby. An average teenager with an average life that gets flipped into a world of turmoil. With his strange and mysterious Uncle Press captured, Bobby embarks on the first of his dangerous adventures to discover why his family is missing and what his role is as a 'traveler'.

The story begins with Bobby sharing a kiss with his big time crush Courtney Chetwynde. This revelation is quickly interupted by his uncle. All Bobby's life he had been taken on all kinds of crazy and exciting adventures with his Uncle. Long did he know it was all training for the road that lay ahead. A trip to a derelict subway station reveals a deadly enemy and a portal to unknown places and untold danger. The first of these places is Denduron, a medieval 'territory', as Bobby's uncle calls it, inhabited by 2 rival tribes. Confused, frightened and having left behind his best friends Mark Diamond and Courtney Chetwynde, Bobby doesn't have a clue to why he is here or what he must do to prevent this place from crashing into devastating the darkness that may cause a domino effect to the destruction of the universe.

The story takes place through Bobby's journals in which he is instructed to write his adventures and send them back to his friend Mark, of whom he trusts greatly.  No one is to find out where Bobby is and so Mark must team up with Courtney to protect the journals. With these two storylines playing out the riveting, pulse raising action never stops.

Another great this about this series is that the 10 books are already out and there is no wait for the next one! Each book takes place on a different territory and develop Bobby's story, meeting new people and being put to the test. I would 100% recommend this book! I have read 4 of the books so far and am looking forward to the next.

Make sure you comment on my post guys. My apologies for any mis-spellings or errors as this whole post was written on my phone app!
:) thanks guys hope you like my latest post and I promise to post more often.

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